By providing your payment instructions (“Payment Method”), you authorize After Arts LLC to charge the full amount required by the monthly or annual payment plan for your twelve-month After Arts membership to the specified Payment Method; and you authorize the financial institution for the Payment Method specified to charge your account and remit payment for your After Arts membership to After Arts LLC. This authority will remain in effect until you provide 30-day notice to After Arts LLC by email to to terminate this authorization; provided, however, that no termination of authorization will relieve you of any obligation to pay amounts due for your membership. You may terminate your twelve-month After Arts membership and be released from any obligation to pay amounts due for your membership before such membership has lapsed, provided that you provide (i) 30-day notice by email to and (ii) a sufficient showing that you have: (1) relocated forty-five miles from the New York Metropolitan area; (2) experienced adverse medical conditions such that your active membership is no longer viable; or (3) due to other circumstances, as determined by After Arts, prevent or significantly restrict your ability to actively participate as a member of After Arts.