Bob Leibholz | SVP, BairesDev | Violin
How does your background in violin contribute to your personal success in business? 
As both a violinist (until mid-30s) and subsequently as a businessperson, I’ve had the opportunity to translate directly my musical education to the business world. From my perspective, key to success in both the music and business worlds include a learned ability to (1) concentrate deeply—often for many hours per day; (2) operate under rigorous timelines; (3) attain a “no-excuses” mindset for performances (presentations in business-speak!); and (4) the essential life lesson of the value of delayed gratification in pursuit of a greater goal. 
What role does music currently play in your life? 
As a performer, avid concert-goer and Board member, music remains a deeply important part of my life. I continue to practice early every morning, learning new repertoire on a consistent basis. I’m fortunate to play chamber music regularly, and also serve on the Board of Governors of Mannes School of Music. 
What are you listening to right now? 
Anything I’m actively learning: right now, it’s Elgar Violin Sonata, Dvorak Piano Quintet, Corigliano “Red Violin” Chaconne.