Deanna Kory | Broker, Corcoran | Bassoon

How does your background in bassoon contribute to your professional success in real estate?

Tackling a piece on the bassoon requires intense intention to detail, discipline, and patience. These are all skills that serve me very well in Real Estate. Every deal I encounter presents new challenges, and I rely on the fundamentals of learning and perfecting a piece of music in all that I do. This is especially helpful in seeing deals through from start to finish - a process that can often be quite lengthy. 

Do you feel that your study of music has contributed to any neuroses?

Absolutely! I asked my kids what they consider my neuroses to be, and I am self-admittedly a perfectionist and workaholic. I can trace this directly back to my experience at conservatory and studying under master bassoonists; I witnessed the product of absolute dedication to one's craft and that continues to drive me to this day.

What are you listening to right now? 

I have been so intensely busy that I haven’t really listened to a lot of music in the last few months. My recent decision to return to playing bassoon inspired me to listen to Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto which I love.