Gene Carr | Entrepreneur | Cello

How does your background in classical music contribute to your personal success in being an entrepreneur
Playing music from a very young age instilled these three qualities that have been essential in my career. 1. Tenacity - the pursuit of excellence in learning a difficult piece music, which is iterative and painstaking; 2. Collaboration - the chamber-music concept of collaborating equally with others, leading sometimes, and other-times taking cues from others. 3. Coaching - The idea that even the very best performers, at the top of their game, can continue to learn with a guidance from a mentor. 

What role does art currently play in your life?
I'm an avid culture omnivore -- I enjoy going to live music of all types, theater, modern dance and museums. And, I am increasingly actively playing chamber music along with many new After Arts members! 

What are you listening to right now?
Dvorak Piano Quintet