Karl Kellner | Senior Partner, McKinsey | Clarinet
How does your background in clarinet contribute to your personal success in consulting? 

Music and musical training require many of the same skills
and mindsets as those required in the professional realm.
The discipline needed, openness required, and the collaboration with others, whether with one's instructor or fellow musicians in an ensemble, are all quite similar. The sense of accomplishment and meaning that results from both pursuit of music and professional endeavors is also similar.
What role does music currently play in your life? 

I've evolved from a player to an appreciator of music but it still plays an outsized part in my life. Music has a diverse set of influences on me. It can give energy, provide intellectual engagement, inspire creativity and create mindfulness and calm.
What are you listening to right now? 
As always, I am all over the place. From Monteverdi, Bruckner, and Steve Reich, to Lia Ices, Katnip and Ondara, to Interpol, Biggie, and Fat Joe to Roy Hargrove, Mulgrew Miller, and Scott Hamilton. I could go on butyou get the idea!