Member Spotlights

Deanna Kory | The Corcoran Group | Bassoon 

From making reeds to closing deals, one bassoonist's journey from music to real estate. 

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Karl Kellner | McKinsey | Clarinet 

A clarinetist, consultant, and board member. Karl is a true Renaissance man and embodies the spirit of After Arts. 

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Gene Carr | Patron Technology | Cello 

From cello and history to tech and entrepreneurship, Gene draws parallels between his various worlds. 

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Bob Leibholz | BairesDev | Violin 

A professional violinist until his 30s, Bob has developed an impressive career in tech and private equity. His musical ambitions are equally as impressive - he is attempting to learn every major violin sonata in the repertoire.

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Music & Markets

Beethoven, Bonaparte, Inflation, and the Sell-Out

In 1809, with the help of Napoleon’s brother and a little luck, Beethoven orchestrated a salary of 4,000 florins a year for life – by 1811, thanks to Napoleon himself, its purchasing power was approximately 1/5 its 1809 value.  From financial security for life, to having to battle to get paid at all, Vienna’s wild inflation of the 1810’s would force Beethoven to extremes to keep his head above water and would turn him from Napoleon fanboy, to hater, to populist sell-out.