Zac Smith | Equinix | Double Bass

How does your background as a double bassist overlap with your work as an entrepreneur?
My background in music, which in itself taught me some good fundamentals like hard work, the ability to handle / seek criticism (masterclasses, anyone?), what "great" looks like and the purposeful application of creativity, has helped define my career as an entrepreneur.  The skills I learned as a musician helped me balance the imagination needed to be a startup founder with the work ethic and practice-skills to execute what can be a serious amount of behind the scenes hard daily work (aka execution).
What role does music currently play in your life? 
Not as much as I'd like!  My first performance in 20 years ago was at an After Arts salon recently and it was great to get back to a bit of performing.  As COVID has kept me off the road (I used to travel 2-3 weeks a month), I've been able to start practicing for ~30 minutes each night.  It helps me connect to a physical medium vs the Zoom and technology infused life I have much of the day.
Do you feel that your study of music has contributed to any neuroses? 
Hah - yes!  I have to work hard on my people management skills -- as I normally "compliment through criticism".  My habits always seem to tie back to some of my best experiences with teachers, conductors, etc who focused intently on constant improvement and, thus, gave few compliments along the way.  I've found that not everybody is used to that style of management and I have to regularly remind myself not to over index on places of improvement and criticism and instead call out the positives, the progress, etc.
What are you listening to right now?
 I'm listening to Beethoven Symphonies -- all of them. 
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